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The Intra Gastric Balloon

(BIG for short) is a flexible silicone device, which is placed inside the stomach for the purpose of occupying a space,provoke the sensation of early satiety resulting in accelerated and healthy weight loss.

REVERSIBLE . BIG is inserted into the transoral gastric chamber via endoscopy (without surgery) and remains in the stomach for 6 months.

EFFECTIVE . The Orbera Ball designed for accelerated weight loss, is a very useful tool that allows weight loss 3 times more than dieting and exercise only. Placing the Orbera balloon in the gastric chamber via endoscopy has proven to be an effective and safe procedure.

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It is a method to reduce weight in an accelerated, reversible way. Once the goal is achieved, the balloon is removed without leaving alterations in the stomach. [/ Vc_column_text]
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Is the BIG installed by surgery?

[Vc_column_text] No.
The installation and removal of the BIG is done through an endoscopy procedure. When the patient is under sedation, the BIG is introduced orally, with the balloon completely compressed.It is filled with physiological solution (serum). Once placed and filled in, the procedure is terminated. [/ Vc_column_text]

How long will the BIG stay? Inside the stomach?

[Vc_column_text] The recommended time that the BIG Orbera will stay indoors is a maximum of 6 months, during which time the patient will learn to change their eating habits and lifestyle.
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The percentage insured with this method is 20% of the initial body weight, however, all of our patients have achieved greater weight than that offered by the production company.
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Only with the BIG will I lose weight?

The BIG is part of a comprehensive program that includes: [/ vc_column_text]

Changes in style power

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Our Team Of Experts Will Help You Step By Step To Achieve Your Goals

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Which intragastric balloon to choose?

The BIG Orbera is the only one that It is authorized by the FDA for clinical use, since it has shown numerous scientific studies the effectiveness and safety of its application. [/ vc_column_text]
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The material the BIG is made of is inherent silicon, and does not cause allergic reactions. But nevertheless, when an adequate preparation of the stomach is not carried out, that is, to assess the conditions of the stomach, to diagnose whether or not there are gastric ulcers, severe erosions, Helicobacter pylori; if some of these pathologies are found, the stomach will have to be rehabilitated and then the BIG will be placed. [/ vc_column_text]
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Doctor Juan Carlos Caramés “text =” He performs the Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve, introducing it for the first time in all of Mexico and most of Latin America. Having his training in New York with Dr. Michel Kahaleh, world leader in performing and creating procedures for Interventional Endoscopy. “] [/ Mkdf_elements_holder_item] [/ mkdf_elements_holder] [/ vc_column]
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