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Without Surgery

Performed through endoscopy, the stomach is remodeled, not cut or excluded, therefore totally preserving it.

Almost Immediate Recovery

Patient can return to normal activities 48 hrs after the procedure.

Without Supplements

You do not need to take food supplements or proteins for life.

How is it

The procedure takes place through the mouth by means of an endoscopy. The tissue within the stomach is folded on itself and sutured in order to reshape its volume and reduce its size to only a few ounces.

Happy Patients
Healthy Bodies

Success stories of people who performed this procedure and had great results without discomforts.

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Endoscopic Suturing
Re Do

Endoscopic treatment for weight regain after bariatric surgery (Re do).
Despite the effectiveness of bariatric surgery for weight loss, some individuals may regain their lost weight over time. Know more about the topic or if you are a possible candidate.

Intra Gastric

Is a flexible silicone device that is placed within the stomach in order to occupy volume and cause an early sensation of satiety at the time of eating, resulting in weight loss in an accelerated, healthy manner. Learn more and see if you are a possible candidate.

Our Program

Accelerated weight loss program consists of the following:

Endoscopic procedure (big or endoscopic gastric sleeve)

Changes in eating habits

Physical activity plan

Psychological support

Metabolic support

Use of body products to affirm skin, reduce stretch marks, and treat cellulite

The Result

An integral stomach for healthy digestive functions without suffering permanent alterations (the absorption of iron, calcium and proteins is not affected)

The volume of the stomach is modified and conditions the patient to eat smaller amounts of food

The person is not subject to nutritional supplements due to the stomach retaining normal functions.

There is no excess skin after weight loss with the use of body products.

Hair and skin nutrition remains unaltered; there is no hair loss.

You are in professional

Dr. Juan Carlos Carames performs the endoscopic gastric sleeve after being trained in New York city by Dr. Michele Kahaleh, world renowned expert and creator of endoscopic interventional procedures. Dr. Carames is the first one to introduce the endoscopic gastric sleeve to Mexico and the majority of Latin America.

Dr. Juan Carlos Caramés Aranda
Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy
Quienes Somos Manga Gástrica Endoscópica