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Intra Gastric Balloon

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The Intra Gastric Balloon

Is a flexible silicone device that is placed within the stomach in order to occupy volume and cause an early sensation of satiety at the time of eating, resulting in weight loss in an accelerated, healthy manner.

The Orbera balloon is designed to achieve weight loss at a rat three times faster than diet and exercise. The balloon has been designated to be effective and safe by the FDA.

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What are the advantages of the intra gastric balloon?

This weight loss method is reversible. Once the objective is achieved, the balloon is removed without any kind of alterations to the stomach.

What body mass index (BMI) should I have to be considered a candidate for the balloon?

The BMI should fall between 27-30%. Patients with BMI higher than 30% are recommended to opt for remodeling of the stomach by means of an endoscopic gastric sleeve. If the BMI is lower than 27% it is recommended to adopt a hypo caloric diet, exercise, and use of facial and body products designed to reshape the body.

Is it necessary to undergo surgery to have the balloon placed?

No. The placement and removal of the balloon takes place through endoscopy. The patient is sedated and the balloon is introduced to the body orally while it’s fully compressed. Once placed within the gastric chamber, it is filled with physiological solution.

How long does the balloon remain inside the stomach?

The recommended duration of the balloon placement is 6 months. During this time the patient must learn to change his or her eating habits and life style.

How much weight is lost with the BIG?

A weight loss of 20% of the initial body weight is guaranteed by the balloon. However, all of our patients have achieved greater outcomes than those guaranteed by the makers of the balloon.

Only the balloon will help me lose weight?

No. The balloon is part of an integral program that involves:

Changes in eating habits

Modification to levels of physical activity

Psychological support

Use of facial and body products that help reduce fat and reaffirm the skin

Altogether these factors help achieve an accelerated weight loss in a healthy manner without the need to resort to plastic surgery to remove excess skin due to weight loss.

What balloon should be used?

The Orbera balloon has demonstrated effective and safe outcomes in numerous scientific studies, and is the only balloon of its kind authorized by the FDA to be used for weight loss programs.

Can the balloon be rejected by the body once it is placed?

The balloon is made out of silicon, which does not cause allergic reactions. However, when the patient does not undergo appropriate preparation and the conditions of the patient’s stomach are not evaluated prior to the placement of the balloon, it is likely that the discomfort caused by the balloon placement may require the removal and delay of progress. For this reason, any patient who is interested in the BIG program is carefully selected and undergoes previous preparation, and must also take extensive care after the balloon placement.

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Doctor Juan Carlos Caramés

Dr. Juan Carlos Carames performs the endoscopic gastric sleeve after being trained in New York city by Dr. Michele Kahaleh, world renowned expert and creator of endoscopic interventional procedures. Dr. Carames is the first one to introduce the endoscopic gastric sleeve to Mexico and the majority of Latin America.